The Home~ologist

Thinking of moving home?

Your home is your greatest investment and moving home is an emotional and financial commitment.

So how do you achieve balance and harmony with the ‘head versus heart’ conversation, when deciding if you stay or sell?

I am a Home~ologist and set up my business in 1999 as your dedicated property consultant, adding value to your home by guiding you in your decision to stay or sell.

By giving yourself the time to plan and prepare, you will choose to either enhance your home and enjoy the comfort or maximise your greatest asset and present your home to sell.

My ‘House Rule’ is to honour yourself, respect others and appreciate property.

This is about you and your home.

Has your property been on the market for 5 weeks or more and not sold?


I’m Sally

There is not ‘one-size-fits-all’ process to moving home so, in 1999, I created a signature technique to support homeowners and agents.

I work with homeowners thinking of moving, homeowners currently on the market, estate agents and purchasers and tenants wishing to find their next home.

Sometimes homeowners are undecided if they should stay or sell.

Agents add value to their service by inviting me, as an impartial authority, to present options with effective results so the property appeals to the widest audience.

Do you need help in finding your next home… in the right location, at the right price and at the right time?

I am passionate about achieving the best for every home and work with a limited number of clients at a time, removing any conflict of interest. Each client receives the dedicated, individual attention they deserve and is supported by complementary services to enrich their home, wellbeing and lifestyle.

It’s all about looking after you and your home.

This is what I do…

as an individual service or in combination.


Plan. Prepare. Present.

Do we stay or do we sell?
This is the ‘head versus heart’ conversation of moving home.
Enhance your property, so you ‘feel at home’ or be ‘house proud’ and maximise your greatest asset to achieve the best. 

If you are selling your home, there are no statistics to tell you how many people pass by. So how do we stop people, so they look and book a viewing?

We are all unique and take our individual style into our homes in colour schemes, furnishings and furniture. But, does our style appeal to everyone? Unlikely!

Does your home deserve to stand out and be the exception to the others?

If you’re thinking of moving home, let’s have a chat to see how I can help you with your choice to stay, or get property ready to sell.

  Adding Value
Presenting options 
with effective results

Choosing the right agent

FACT: Estate agents look after the vendor.
FACT: Lettings agents look after the landlord.
QUESTION: Who looks after you, if you are thinking of moving?

How do homeowners choose which agent to instruct, with the selection of high street, online and hybrid options?

The answer, is by choosing the agent offering integrity, value and quality service.

By inviting me to provide impartial, independent expertise, the agents add value to their service to their clients.
I provide a report sharing my observations and suggestions with reasons to improve the saleability of the property.

This is a win-win for both the homeowner and the agent, as they both want to present the property to appeal to the widest audience and achieve the best price.


Search. Select. Secure.

 Moving home, is an emotional and financial commitment. 

When are you looking to move, and how much time do you waste browsing online? When you’re having breakfast? At coffee-break time? During lunch? Do you have a quick look in the afternoon and then again in the evening?

All you’re doing is scrolling through websites. And remember, photos and descriptions online are not always the same in reality. 

I don’t waste time, yours or mine.

Unapologetically, I ask a lot of questions in order to understand you and your lifestyle. I then carry out the research for the most suitable property, while you get on living your life.

Success Stories

"I felt very safe in the capable hands of Sally and I recommend her to anyone who is planning to move, as she 'held my hand' throughout the whole process in preparing me and my home, to sell." (Ms T from Guildford)

I immediately had a sense of enormous confidence, together with relief that Sally, was someone who would look after most of the decision-making and details of the sale of my house for me. I felt she showed me an awareness and perception of what I needed and also, what would be helpful in the process. (Mrs D from Surrey)

"Thank you for introducing us to the client in the first place and for all of your diligent work and advice throughout. I have been an agent for 30 years and can honestly say that your service and client care has been both consistent and second to none." (Agent in Richmond)

How can I best help you?

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I subscribe monthly with Ecologi, in recognition of working with my clients when selling, letting or moving into their next home.  The subscription helps offset our C02 emission by planting trees, supports reforestation efforts and sustainable employment.

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