A fresh pair of eyes.

Planning to sell your home? A homeologist can bring a fresh perspective.

Selling a house can be an emotional journey as well as a financial one. The two can even conflict – one day you’re focused and organised and the next, you’re wondering if you’re doing the right thing.

Fortunately, homeologists like me are here to help. My role is to find the harmony in the head and heart conversation. I work with you to overcome the emotional barriers to selling, empowering you to start the next chapter of your life.

Understanding barriers to selling property.

There are a number of barriers people encounter when they’re selling property and most of them have to do with emotion.

Over the time you have lived in your home, you will have added your personality and style. You might have made changes like introducing your favourite colours or even building an extension. Even if you haven’t, it is still your home and knowing it so well, you will have an emotional attachment, which may make it difficult for you to sell.

The emotional side of house-moving can also be complicated by other people. If you’re selling the house with another person, accommodating their views can distract from the main purpose of getting the house sold.

You are human and feeling emotional is normal. However, it is important that the emotion doesn’t take over negatively and cause you to make poor judgements. The good news is that, if you are experiencing any barriers to getting your house sold, I can help.                                                              

How a homeologist can help you sell your property.

You live in your home, so it can be difficult to see it with ‘potential purchaser eyes’. Fortunately, an experienced property consultant like me can bring a fresh perspective. Here are four ways I can make an impact:

1.   If you want to ‘feel more at home’, I guide you with suggestions to create harmony and this might be as simple as placing a piece of furniture in a different room. After all, sometimes it can be hard to see the positive effect of rearranging the furniture when you’re used to seeing it in the same place for years.  But, my fresh pair of eyes can usually spot little changes that could make a big difference.

2.   Sometimes, it’s easier to take advice from an outsider. If tensions are running high, “Sally says we should…” is often more effective than trying to persuade your family yourself. 

3.   I can help you keep your eye on the prize. At the end of the day, you have decided to sell this property. No one sells property without a good reason, but that reason can easily be clouded by, say, what your family or friends think about it.  When you work with me, I cut through the emotional baggage and help you focus on getting your property on the market and sold for the right price. 

4.  Above all, I bring experience. You may not have prepared property to sell before, but I do this every day and I’m here to help. Moreover, I have over thirty years’ experience in the property market and am passionate in helping homeowners make the best of their properties. 

Work with me to enhance your home, commanding its value.

I am impartial, independent and am open-minded, allowing for a different perspective. My approach is to work with homeowners and their property, to enhance its potential and maximise its advantages. To find out more, contact me, Sally Rule, on 07774 247 913 – I’d love to hear from you.

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