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After 14 years’ experience working in residential property sales, lettings and home searches, I set up my business in 1999, as I knew I could offer my clients so much more and with a different approach.

I chose to move to Guildford in 1985 as it was a convenient location from which to drive to family and to work, with easy access to the airports and the M25 to reach clients.  

Today I live in Ripley, a lovely village just outside Guildford, and am proud to be part of the Ripley Business Association, supporting the local businesses. 

Why choose me?

I was disappointed with the service offered to homeowners, so created a signature technique for my clients and apply to everything I do, as my passion is to honour, respect and appreciate my clients, their property and lifestyle.

The ‘House Rule’ (yes, I have an unusual name, so, let’s use it!)
Honour yourself by being curious, looking at all suggestions and ensuring you are in the best health to make good decisions. Respect others, as they all come with good intentions to offer advice and guidance. It is then your choice to do what you do, thereafter. Appreciate property, whether it is your home, your investment, your workplace, your friends’ place, restaurant, hotel etc. 

I am independent, impartial, fully insured and experienced human being, offering a respectful, safe and professional service and am honoured to work with clients that return again and again.

Our business relationship is discreet and confidential. I ask a lot of questions, taking the time to listen and understand, because the more I know, the better I can help. 

First impressions are key. I am passionate about sharing property options with effective results, so my clients achieve the best, whether it is preparing and presenting their home to stay, sell or finding their next home.

I enjoy collaborating with like-minded business owners and have connected with professional services, contractors and suppliers during the last 36 years and am delighted to call upon them, when asked for recommendations. This directory of services, complements my business and therefore benefits my clients.

Just imagine a small change making the difference in your life? Be the exception and work with me…

How can I best help you?

I am proud to be part of:

Guildford in Bloom annual awards, as I sponsor the ‘best front garden.’ 

Surrey Hills Enterprises and carry their Trademark award, plus am a Surrey Hills Champion supporting Nature Recovery Projects. 

LinkedInLocal co-host in Guildford, which is a brilliant way of connecting local businesses. 

I belong to the Property Redress Scheme.

Ripley Business Association, supporting the local businesses.

I am here to support and represent you, to achieve the best for you and your home. 

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