If you’re thinking of selling property in December, I can help you decide whether to market your property now or wait until January.

Selling property in December – is it right for you? 

There are different views on selling property in December. Some recommend it because there are fewer new instructions, so there’s less competition. Others say, wait until January because selling property is the last thing on homeowners’ minds at Christmas time.

My view is that it depends on you and your situation.  People sell property every day of the year for a reason, so if your circumstances dictate you need to move in the festive period, then I am here to help. 

If you’re thinking of moving home and don’t know whether to get started in December or wait until after Christmas, these thoughts might help you decide.

Don’t sell at Christmas – be present

The run-up to Christmas is busy for everyone. At work, we’re all trying to complete our to-do lists so we can relax during the festive season. At home, we’re baking, decorating, writing cards and making plans. Out and about, we’re Christmas shopping and meeting friends for a mulled wine.

Being so busy means that most would-be vendors don’t have the head space for putting a house on the market. At the same time, would-be buyers aren’t in the mood for scrolling property portals. 

Moving home is an emotional and financial commitment. So is Christmas!   We all know that emotional decisions rarely are the best, so why put yourself in this situation?

On a practical level, the month of December is different from the rest of the year.  

You may well have a house full of people. With schools breaking up and guests popping in, you might struggle to find a suitable time for photos and viewings.

Even if you do, the photos could pose a problem. Photos of a house decorated for Christmas have a limited lifespan – Christmas trees in property pictures are not going to appeal to anyone in the new year. It also dates the marketing of the house. 

Don’t list your property at Christmas if you don’t have to. Instead, take time to nurture yourself so you’re in the right place emotionally, to sell in the New Year.

Take time for you. 

There are also some positive reasons why listing after Christmas can be highly effective.

Christmas gives us all time to reflect, which can result in life-changing decisions to act on in the New Year. Some might decide they love having guests over and want somewhere bigger for hosting parties. Some might visit friends and family in another part of the country and decide it’s time to move there. Others might decide to settle down and start a family or sell up and travel round the world.

The outcome of these could influence the decision to buy and sell property.  If you postpone selling until after Christmas, these reflections at this time could make your sale successful in January.

Sell property in December – if you are ready. 

If you have been planning your move throughout the autumn, by December you will have all your property documents together and prepared the house, so it is ready to market for sale. For you, Boxing Day is the time to list your property. Everyone will be at home browsing … what a great time to book a viewing.  

On the other hand, circumstances may dictate that you market your home in December. 

For example, you might need to sell the house because of your relationship, or you’re moving for health reasons, or some emergency has arisen. If this is the case, you may have to put your house on the market in the run up to Christmas.

I am here to help and present options with effective results for all and any reasons you have to move. 

Selling property in December (or not!) – next steps

If I’ve reassured you that you don’t need to think about selling until the New Year, then breathe a sigh of relief and have a wonderful Christmas! You are very welcome to book now for a chat in the New Year.

However, if you are already thinking of moving in December, I’m here to help. 

It takes time to plan and prepare but I am here to guide you through the whole process. I’ll help you to stay in control of your property marketing, as well as empowering you to enhance your home and command the right value.

To find out more, contact me, Sally Rule, on 07774 247 913. I’ve helped countless vendors since 1999 and welcome the opportunity to help you too.

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