Sell your house when the time is right.

When you think you want or need to sell your house, it is tempting to just jump in and put it straight on the market, isn’t it?  It is important to consider if this approach will get you the best price and the smoothest sale.  In some cases, it can be better to wait and put your house on the market when the time is right for both the house and you.

There are numerous reasons to move … for health, work, family, relationships to name but a few, so, perhaps the question is why are you selling?

When’s the best time of year to put property on the market?

When you and your house are ready.  Ideally, you will have given yourselves time to plan to get everything ready in the house and thought about the best time to suit you.  Traditionally, the best times to go to market were in March and September as Mother Nature gave us light and blooming gardens and it coincided with the school terms.  Nowadays, people move every day of the year, for many different reasons and sometimes, you might feel like circumstances are beyond your control, however, this doesn’t mean your house sale is too.

Sell at the right time for you.

The timing is critical.  Selling under pressure is not good for your mental health, well-being or your pocket. The emotion of it all can be overwhelming and purchasers can recognise a desperate vendor, so, will take their chances with their offers.

Consider the children and their exams.  Consider your business or work and when if you have a period when it is less stressful.  Consider why you think you want to sell.

Above all, stay in control.

None of us can control the market, but you can control and choose what you do and when.  Plan, prepare and present your house to its best and get yourselves ready too.

The emotions of leaving a home that has protected you, kept you safe and warm plus, all the happy memories made inside, will amplify the situation and process, so, just ask for help.

Let me empower you, to market your property.

I plan, prepare and present properties all day long and delight in the positive impact it has.

There is a relief that comes when someone else can address and action all that needs attention, allowing you to get on with your life, giving you breathing space and peace of mind.

To find out more, get in touch with me, Sally Rule, on 07774 247 913 – I’d love to hear from you. 

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