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Service Pavement to Porch


Plan. Prepare. Present.

Should you stay or should you sell?

I am here to help you plan, prepare and present your home, to be the exception and not the ‘rule’!  It is important that you as the homeowner chooses when and if to move, instead of external factors and social expectations, deciding for you.

You are undecided because you love your home and yet, there are areas that are unloved, cluttered and dark, so, you think that by moving, it will solve the unused and unloved spaces.

Imagine if those spaces could be light, clear, cleaned and used for their purpose as intended?  Would you stay?

You choose to sell. A board is placed outside, but how do you know, how many people are passing by and not booking a viewing?

You don’t. There are no statistics, so no-one can tell you.

But, imagine, if people stopped, looked and booked a viewing?

Being ‘house proud’, you want others to admire your home, so imagine if the potential purchasers ‘felt at home’ and wanted to buy your house?

I can help you. My value is in my visit and then I can get a sense of who you are and how you live and guide you to make the right choice, for you at the right time.




Add Value 

Presenting options with
effective results.


I work with agents who wish to add value to their service, to their clients.   

The role of the agent is to sell your house. 

The role of the photographer is to take photos of your house and the camera never lies… or does it? 

Remember what you thought when you first viewed the house? How did you feel? Did it need a good clean? Did the house need work? Was the garden in good order? Was the agent proud to show you around, or embarrassed?

As a homeowner, your role is to present your home in a clean and tidy fashion, to welcome new residents.  

So, imagine, your house is cleaned, repaired and presented well.  The photographs show the house in all its’ glory and the agent is keen to promote the house, as it appeals to a wider audience, which means more viewings and perhaps more offers.  

You would be ‘house proud’ and be happy to invite others in to look around, wouldn’t you? Your agent will be proud to show your house, knowing you have taken care of it and be excited to promote it.

This is what I do and how I add value to the agent. Working with the agents to help them achieve the best for their client, the homeowner. 


Service Homesearch


Search. Select. Secure.

I am unapologetic as I ask a lot of questions in order to understand your ‘must haves’, ‘would likes’ and ‘if possible’ lists.

If a physical meeting is impossible, a zoom call is arranged so we can virtually meet each other and discover if we would like to work together.   

Are you moving for your health, business, education, family, relationships, life-style, in or out of the UK. 

Whatever your requirements? They are important and specific to you and rest assured, I am here to support and represent you.

Following the completion of your purchase or inventory check-in, I am on-hand for a further week to ensure you settle in with ease.    

The cost of the service is based upon the type of property and service you choose.  An initial payment is paid to initiate the service and the balance is paid on the signing of the tenancy agreement, or the exchange of contracts.

My clients are moving from overseas into the UK; starting out on their property journey with renting or buying; upsizing to accommodate a family; downsizing for when the family have left; looking to find their forever home and planning their comfort for their autumn years.   

May I ask, why are you moving?

How can I best help you?

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